Who is the light of the world


The Bible tells us in Genesis that in the beginning there was darkness and the earth was without form and void. Not only that but sin had entered this world and has caused the mind and hearts of men to become darkened, wicked and cruel.    However, there is only one …

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Is the Lord’s day Saturday or Sunday? 👀

Is-theLords day Saturday or Sunday

There is a lot of misconceptions out there about which day is the Lord’s day. I would like you to know that the Lord created and owns all seven days, but there is one day in particular that He called it His day. Now, in order for us to know …

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Who is the father of David? Bible Q and A


This is a very simple and interesting question. We all know about the mighty Philistine Goliath and how little, young and brave David used a stone and a sling to kill him. This powerful story can be found in 1Samuel 16 and 17. Here you can also find the first …

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