2 Easy Ways How To Cleanse Your Colon With Water

The Colon is also known as the large intestine in our bodies, and it uses a lot of water to flush waste materials.

So obviously, if our colon uses a huge quantity of water, we should be drinking quite an amount of this odorless, shapeless, tasteless, and colorless substance because our colon cannot magically produce water itself.

Just a note to yourself, water is one of the main life-sustaining substances that God has given to mankind to help sustain our lives, the lives of animals, and even plants.  We just cannot do without it and cannot live without it.

You see, God knows what He was doing when He created the earth. He knew that man would need water, so He intricately bonded two hydrogen atoms together with an oxygen atom (H2O) to form water.

We simply must consume this goodness more often for our bodies to function properly.

So let us get into how we can use water to cleanse our colon:

1. You need to drink a lot of water to help cleanse your colon

A study published by SpringerLink on November 18, 2015, concluded that the daily consumption of natural water improves bowel movement frequency and stool consistency.

Because the colon needs and uses a lot of water, we need to drink sufficient amount of water to help keep it functional and healthy.

Drink at least 8 glasses of 8 oz cups of water each day to help cleanse your colon. Notice: this does not mean you should drink all the water at once. You may drink 1 of the 8 oz cups of water every one and a half hours.

It is not a must that you have to drink it that way. You can rather drink the water in a way more comfortable or suitable for you.

Also, if your body feels like you cannot drink all the 8 glasses of 8 oz cups of water, then you may drink 6 glasses of 8 oz cups of water per day.

2. Use warm water to help cleanse your colon

A 2016 study, published by the National Library of Medicine, found out that warm water intake has a favorable impact on intestinal movements.

Simply put, drinking warm water will help you pass your stool more easily and help prevent constipation.

So, drink at least 1 (8 oz cup) of warm water first thing in the morning before you eat anything. You can repeat this process every day until you start having more frequent bowel movements.

Notice: Do not drink hot water.

You see that these steps were really easy? Remember, give God thanks in everything you do. God is the one who inspired this article on health because He wants you to be healthy.

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3 responses to “2 Easy Ways How To Cleanse Your Colon With Water”

  1. Rita Lyn Avatar
    Rita Lyn

    Thank you so much for responding to my request, this means so much to me. I am always constipated and passing pebbles of hard stool. I am going to have the cup of warm water in the mornings and keep on my water regimen. I hope to get relief and healthy bowel movements.

  2. Novelin perry Avatar
    Novelin perry

    This is very informative.

  3. Marta Fuentes Avatar
    Marta Fuentes

    Much as gracias por tan valiosa información. Dios bendiga su ministerio.

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