Is Jesus coming soon, is Jesus coming back?

Hello each and everyone and welcome back to Advent Cry.

I hope God has been good to you in these trying times. Now, I have a question that I really want to ask today. Is Jesus really coming, is He? Before we get into this topic.

I would just like to breathe a word of prayer. So let’s begin. Eternal loving God, thank you that we can come before you at this time. Father, we have a burning question on our hearts and we need answer for it.

We want to know if you are really coming back so please, guide us in our answers in Jesus name, amen.

So, again, is Jesus coming. Now, I don’t know about you, but I have been a christian now for more than 10 years and I have always heard person saying that Jesus is coming.

Well 10 years to some person might be, you know such a small amount of years, you know fewer Because you have some persons who are Christians for probably like 40 years and going on and yet they themselves always hear that Jesus is coming, Jesus is coming.

Nowadays, when you go out on the street and you see a young man or a young woman and you say to him, you know Jesus is coming, what are you doing? They laugh at you, you know, and you might begin to feel a bit hurt about the situation, but I just want to say to you that there is no need, there is no need for
you to feel such.

You know why? Here let us turn our bibles to
2 Peter chapter 3 and verse 3, let us hear what it has to say. It reads, “knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers.

In which days shall it come? The last days. Friends, We are living in the last days. So when you see these things happening, know and understand that we’re living in the last days and what did Peter say shall come in the last days? Scoffers!

So what is the definition of a scoffer? A scoffer is somebody who mocks, who laugh at you, who ridicule you and said what you’re saying is practically you know, stupid, doesn’t make any sense.

He continues, walking after their own lust. So these scoffers, they are filled with lust, lustful desire, self gratification.

All they’re interested in is to please themselves. Now, let us go a bit further in 2nd Peter Chapter 3. This time we’re going to verse 8 it says, but beloved be not ignorant of this one thing that one day is with the Lord as 1000 years and 1000 years as one day.

So peter was putting an understanding right here, he was putting a distinction between God and man. You see, God is not a God who rushed things. God is a god of patience.

We human beings, we don’t have much patience. You know, we cannot we don’t like to wait. We have this sinful thing about us, this sinful nature. We don’t like to wait, and even if we say that, even if we try to make up our minds and
say you know what, let me waita little bit longer. We started to become edgy.

We don’t even want to wait for five hours. In fact, we don’t even want to wait for one minute. Nowadays we have this thing about us, we can’t wait.

So so when we hear that God is coming and several years have passed, so many years have passed and yet we still we are still not seeing the coming of Jesus, our nature begin to tell us that you know Jesus is not coming or some person put it like this.

Guess what? Some people even go as far as to deny the existence of God. Why?Because of impatience, we don’t have the time to wait. But the bible tells us that
one day is with God as 1000 years, and 1000 years is
like one day with God.

So when 1000 years past, God only sees that as one single day. You and I will not see that as one single day because we don’t have the patience to wait so long okay, so all the scoffers who are there please for God loving sake, we need
to have patience.

We need to have patience. And God has given us this warning. In fact we should be happy that God has given us so much time. Because all these times He is granting us, are times for us to repent.

Okay, Now, let us move on to verse 10 of 2nd Peter chapter three and it says, But the day of the Lord will come. You hear what it says? It will come. It never
said if it comes, it will come, and how will it come? As a thief
in the night!

My Brother and my sisters, my brothers and my sisters.
If you if you had known that the thief was going to come
and break your house or break your shop, you would have been prepared
for it.

But because you didn’t know that the thief was coming at that particular time.
You were not prepared. And so what happened? The thief came upon you unaware, suddenly and guess what? The thief was able to know Get what he or she wants and leave and leave you stranded.

So my brother, the bible tells us that God will come and he will come as a thief in the night.

It continues, in the witch the heavens shall pass away with a great noise and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also, and the works that are therein shall be burned up. You hear
what it just says.

So all that mankind, all that mankind has ever made on the face of this earth.
All the works of mankind, our our fancy phones, our expensive tv, our expensive car, our luxurious homes, all of it will be burned up with servant heat.

My brothers and my sister, let us not put our hope, our trust, and our confidence. Let us not idolize these tangible things because they are only here for a period of time because when God is coming, the bible just tells us that all these things
will be burnt up inclusive of the earth.

Now, let us turn our bibles to 1st Thessalonians chapter 5and verse 3 and this, you know, this particular chapter. This verse is really serious.

Listen carefully to what it has to say, for when they shall see peace and safety, my God you know, you know when when sometimes you have been forewarned of a storm of a storm that is coming and then you hear some people saying that the storm is not going to come it doesn’t make any sense to batten up your house, everything is going to be allright.

You know and there appear to be a calm. There appear to be a calm. But next thing you know, sudden destruction comes upon you. You go to your bed in the night only to wake up some time later on in the night with hard breeze blowing, and heavy rain falling, and no, you cannot go outside.

What happened? Sudden destruction. People say peace and safety but the bible says and when they shall say peace and safety, then sudden destruction home upon them as travail upon a woman with child, and they shall not escape.

You hear what it just says? and they shall not escape. So when Jesus comes suddenly as a thief in the night, and the sudden destruction comes upon those who scoffed and mocked, and laughed at those who are preaching the gospel, telling them to repent because God is coming, the word of God is telling us
right here that they shall not escape the judgment of God. Mercy!

Now is the time for us to repent. Now! Is the time for us turn
to God before it is everlastingly too late. Now, we are going to turn our bibles to John chapter 14 and verse 3 and listen to what Jesus has to say.

Listen carefully to what Jesus has to say. Jesus is going to speak to you and I right now, he said, If I go and prepare a place for you, I will home again.

You hear what he says? He said, if I go and prepare a place for
you, I Jesus will come again.

He will come again and receive you unto myself. That where I am there you may be also! Don’t you want to be with Jesus?

Aren’t you tired of wickedness that are happening upon the face of this earth? There is hope. There is hope in King Jesus.

Only if you give him a chance! Only if you believe. Be no more a scoffer. My brother and my sister, be no more scoffer. Let not your friends influence you
anymore. It is the work of the enemy to deprive you of eternal

Now, the bible says in Acts chapter 1 verse 11. Now, this was at a particular time when Jesus was leaving the disciples and they were staring at Jesus going up mm hmm.

Listen to what the angels said unto the disciples He said, which also said, you men of galilee, why standing gazing up into heaven, this same Jesus
which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like
manner as you have seen him go into heaven.

You hear what he just says? This same Jesus that they were looking at, that they
were staring at going up into heaven. The angels informed them that He shall come in like manner.

He shall come back in like manner.
Jesus will come, Jesus is coming, He will come and He is coming. Be no more a scoffer my brothers and my sisters, 2nd Peter chapter 3 and verse 9 said the Lord is not slack concerning his promise as some men count slackness, but
He is long suffering to us-ward.

You see why God is is taking so long. My brothers and my sister is because He is long suffering.

God doesn’t want us to perish. So he has given us time to repent. So let us not scoff at the long, drawn out wait. But rather, let us take it as an opportunity that has been given to us.

For us to repent, turn, and give our lives to God. Not willing that any should perish. You hear what the word of God says? Not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

My brothers and my sisters, God is speaking to you. Yes, you, God is speaking to you right now. He is a long suffering God. He doesn’t wish for any of his people to perish. But he wants all of us to come to repentance.

He has given us the opportunity. He has given us sufficient chance. So when he comes, nobody will be able to say God, I didn’t have sufficient time. Because God has given us sufficient time.

He had given us so much time to, so much time, He has given us, that people begin to say that, no, it doesn’t look like God is going to bother to come. Mm. Uh, can you believe it? Now, let us go to verse 11 us 3rd Peter Chapter 3, reading verse 11 and verse 14 us as these are my two closing verses for this evening.

He says, seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved.
What mother of persons ought you to be in all holy conversation
and Godliness? Uh, what manner of person ought you to be. Don’t
continue to enjoy the pleasures of this life.

It will soon pass away. You must believe the word of God. It is God speaking to you at this moment. Weherefore beloved, seeing that you look for such things
be diligent, that he may be fond of him in peace without spot and blameless. You know why?

Because when God comes, the bible tells us that He will have flames of fires and this is no fairy tale as the scoffers love to say that these things are
fairy tales and how the bible was written by men.

My brothers and my sisters, God is coming and He will have the eyes of flames
with these eyes, He will use it to search us, to search our
hearts, and those of us who are found with spot and with blemish we shall be gathered together, heaped as a bundle to be burned.

May God have mercy! May God have mercy! And with this let us
close with a word of prayer.

Eternal loving father, please, oh Jesus, let whosoever is listening to this word at this moment. Let them not take for granted the time that you have given to them, given to us for us to repent, and get it right to you.

But let us Father take it as an opportunity. Let us take it as a gift from you that we may repent, so that we might have a chance to obtain etenal life.

Have mercy upon us dearest God. Bless your people in Jesus name, amen.
We hope you’ve found this to be helpful, so take care, and may God bless you.





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