7 meat alternatives – beans with most protein

7 meat alternatives protein for vegetarians

Good day, we promised you a video of meat alternatives since we provided you with the info about the different diseases and health risks that the consumption of meat leads to. 

Persons are now waking up to the unhealthy lifestyle that they live and are switching to a healthier choice. These persons tend to have difficulties finding different sources of proteins to replace the meat, well not to worry, Advent Cry is here to deliver plant-based proteins that are not only healthy, delicious, and scrumptious, but easy to make meals.

The world is fastly catching on that meat of all kinds, whether red or processed is one of the main things that are causing them to be ill and is working on exterminating the causes of such.

So with that being said, here are 7 protein-rich alternatives to meat or meat substitutes that will help to take the deadly meat out of your diet and out of your kitchen.

1. Lintels

NutritionData stated that 1 cup of lintels contains an amazing 17.9 grams of protein. 

SpringerLink has published a study in April of 2013 where they found out that lintel reduces hypertension, high cholesterol, lower blood sugar and has anticarcinogenic properties.

2. Chickpeas, also known as (garbanzo beans)

According to NutritionData, 1 cup of chickpeas contains a whopping 14.5grams of protein. 

Not only that, studies from the National Institutes of Health have shown that consuming chickpea reduces weight, lowers the risk of heart disease and aids in the prevention of cancer.

3. Pinto Beans

It is highlighted by NutritionData, that 1 cup of this bean contains 15.4 grams of protein. 

The National Institutes of Health informs us that Pinto bean reduces bad cholesterol, lowers sugar level and produces good gut bacteria called propionate. 

4. Kidney Beans

Information from NutritionData, shows that 1 cup of Kidney beans contains 13.4 grams of protein.

National Institutes of Health states that Kidney beans help with the slow absorption of sugar in the bloodstream hence causing a reduction in blood sugar. Kidney beans also lower the risk of weight gain, diabetes and also metabolic syndrome. 

5. Split peas

There are three types of split peas; green, red, and yellow. Studies from Livestrong tells us that 1/2 cup of split peas has 8 grams of protein, so that means 1 cup contains 16 grams of protein.

Livestrong published an article stating that Split peas lower the risk of high cholesterol and heart disease. They also stated that split peas are rich in the amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan is needed to manufacture the brain chemical serotonin, which regulates mood, appetite, hunger, and sleep.

6. Black Beans

NutritionData has made it clear that 1 cup of Black Beans contains an excellent 15.2 grams of protein.

Not only that but the National Institutes of Health informs us that Black beans may reduce spikes in blood sugar that occurs after eating a meal and as a result, it may help to reduce the risk of developing diabetes and weight gain.

7. Soybeans

It is pointed out by NutritionData that 1 cups of Soybeans contain a large sum of protein, which is 28.6 grams.

A study published by the National Institutes of Health found that eating a large sum of soybeans, lower the risk of stomach and other gastrointestinal cancers by 15%.

7 meat alternatives – beans with most protein






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  1. Atthena robinson Avatar
    Atthena robinson

    Hi Good evening do you have any recipes please.

    1. Advent Cry Avatar
      Advent Cry

      Hi Atthena, we will be sharing some recipes soon, so please stay on the look out.

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